How to buy Bitcoins in India using Zebpay

Surely you might be reading or knowing about Bitcoins nowadays too much either it be from any news channel or any other media because of its instant price surging. But you don’t know from where to start to invest in Bitcoins. So today we will guide you through all the process of buying or investing in Bitcoin in India using the app called Zebpay.

But before that lets briefly know about the Bitcoin that what exactly it is?
Now simply you can say a Bitcoin is a digital currency which is not having any kind of physical existence of it at all. It only stored on your devices like mobile or computer or any third party wallets like the Zebay we are going to talk about.  It gets generated by a lot of calculations using high end computers.

Now starting with the main question that how could you or I buy or invest into Bitcoins in India?
First of all you need to know that in India you can only buy Bitcoins using the app called Zebpay which is an android app so its must for you to have an android smartphone to get started. Steps are really very simple to buy Bitcoins using the app and also it charges very minimum for their Bitcoin wallet services to you.

Now starting with the process-
  • First Download Zebpay mobile app and install into your smartphone.
  • Sign up with your correct details like Aadhaar Card, Bank Details & PAN Card which is must.
  • After signing up & setting up your PIN for future transactions it will ask you to upload the copy of your PAN card and bank details to get you verified.
  • Normally it takes around a day to get your details verified and also send you the confirmation for the same via email or SMS.
  • Once your account got verified and confirmed you just need to make your first purchase of Bitcoin by tapping onto the Buy button and enter the amount of how much you want to purchase the bitcoins. Make sure that minimum you could purchase for about Rs 1000 and more.
  • After confirming the amount of Bitcoins you want to purchase you are required to make the payment for it either through net banking or by doing NEFT or IMPS transfers to the respective bank account.
  • Once the payment gets confirmed you will get the number of Bits or Bitcoins into your wallet and you can see it going high or low as per the rate changes.
So this is the simple process through which you can easily purchase Bitcoins in India using Zebpay app and invest as per your wish you want to buy for.
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