This Xiaomi Mi6 is coming with a massive 9,000mAh battery & it's true

Every users surely wants more battery first into their devices before getting it's processor or camera better. Every company try to give maximum battery as much as more possible. So as you all know that Xiaomi Mi6 comes with a 3,350mAh battery which is quite decent for any flagship device like Xiaomi Mi6.
So today if you are not satisfied with that 3,350mAh battery of Mi6 we brought you today a Mi6 that comes with a massive 9,000mAh battery. Yes it's all true for sure and we are not joking at all. There are many sellers on Taobao who are selling these modified Xiaomi Mi6 with 9,000mAh huge battery into it. Sellers are saying that they had removed the Mi6 back panel and into it they had introduced 9,000mAh battery which is made by 'Sony'. 
What's more better there is that there is not only a single option to choose from rather you could easily choose from a 6,000mAh battery Mi6, 7,000mAh battery and massive 9,000mAh battery as well.
So this isn't going to be a device for which you will get any warranty or anything. So we surely from SRS Exclusives not going to suggest you to buy but if you wanna give it a try then you can have. But make sure that you are not going to receive any warranty for these device as they are already modified.
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