Now its your choice that who will call you; by the new feature of Telegram App

Nowadays every one another messaging app almost got the calling option and indeed Telegram app too got it. But it surely took a lot of time if launching the calling feature and in this delay company told that it had spent last few months in order to ensure that its calling features offers “the best in terms of quality, speed, and security”.

Company is claiming that its voice calls use the same end-to-end encryption technology that Telegram’s Secret Chats feature uses. Instead of using an open encryption protocol such as the one used by messaging app Signal, Telegram developed its own encryption tech. This has been criticised by some security experts in the past but Telegram has repeatedly defended its technology, claiming that it has never been cracked.

The fun thing in this process for you is that the key exchange mechanism for Telegram calls involves emoji. In encrypted calls, each person on the call gets a message on screen that need to compare to ensure that the encryption is working as expected. Some apps such as Signal use random phrases, but Telegram says it’s using four emoji for this instead. This means less complication at the same level of security.

Also in Telegram app v3.18 people can select the level of compression for videos. Suppose if your data plan is about to be exhausted or internet is slow you could select higher compression in order to save data and money.
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