Samsung Galaxy S8 Navigation buttons can be Customized and many more

Everyone now knows that Samsung had launched its two flagship devices named as Galaxy S8 and S8+ on Wednesday and we all have saw it and even know everything about the device as well that what it offers and looks like.
Firstly everyone knows that Samsung app drawer is somewhat just like the Pixel drawer but the difference in this is that you could get into the app drawer even swiping from above to down as well but in Pixel devices it was only happen to be swiping from down to above but in Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ it works on both ways.
Now coming to the next highlighted feature is that Samsung has surely removed its old fashioned physical home button and instead of it introduced the Soft navigation buttons indeed. But earlier it was thought that they can't be customized or arranged according to the user wish. But now it seems to be wrong as well. A report from Android Police states that, you can change the layout to Back, Home, and Recents, simply by heading to 'Settings > Display > Navigation Bar' and choosing the order.
Now by removing the physical home button screen does look more beautiful and get a lot more display area on the same size indeed.
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