Museum of Old Mobile Phones Collection. Which one you wanna see?

The mobile phone industry have changed drastically since last decade and seen many different kind of mobile phones as well. Some may got appreciation for being revolutionary and some got to be ugly or bulky but overall each one have surely made some impact on our memories and we gets nostalgic when we see them again. 

So this Dobsina Museum of Old Mobile phones located in the town of Dobsina in Slovakia is the perfect place to get to understand the monumental changes that have taken place in the industry over the years. The museum houses a large cache of old mobile phones, including models which had ruled the airwaves in the past, long before the advent of smartphones.

In this museum there are the collection of mobile phones of total 3,500 which are all from 1,231 different models. They models cut across 14 different brands from Alcatel, Sagem, Siemens, ZTE, Ericsson, Samsung, Trium, Nokia, Panasonic, Motorola, Mitsubishi, Bosh, Sony-Ericsson right to Philips. These brands were all popular ack in the days but today a good number of them have closed shop or have been sold to bigger brands. Only brands like Samsung, ZTE, still exists as solid brands but the others have not been so lucky. Nokia has exchanged hands severally, Motorola was recently bought by Lenovo, Alcatel is now owned by TLC. The story goes on and on.

In a way, the museum shows the role played by Chinese brands in the entire process. If you take note, only ZTE and Alcatel are the Chinese brands which are among the collector’s items but presently, Chinese brands occupy strategic positions in the top 10 smartphone brands globally. Perhaps the model which would elicit nostalgia is the Nokia line up comprising models like the legendary Nokia 3310, Nokia E-series, N-series and other range of business phones which held sway before the death of the brand.

This museum is not any state-owned but by a 26-year-old Stefan Polgari who spent the last 2 years collecting a large number of the phones. He bought someone’s collection of 1,000 old phones for a few thousands of euros 2 years ago and has been hunting for missing models to add to his already impressive collection ever since until he was able to amass 3,500 “ancient” mobile phones, about half of which still work.

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