5 Tips to Increase your Battery Life Health

Hello friends! There seems to be a lot of many complaints from many peoples that their battery doesn't lasts long or they are not satisfied with it. So today we are here to tell you 5 tips which can surely help you a lot in your day-to-day life to maintain your battery life last long.
  • Never Use your Phone while Charging - There are a lot of people who use their phone while charging only but it is not recommended as small amount of usage stops your battery entering to full and can cause battery drainage frequently.
  • Don't Charge your phone Overnight - Charging your phone throughout the night can hampers your battery because every time it gets full 100% and then goes to 99% and then again 100% which kind of disturbs the hardware components of battery a lot.
  • Avoid Using Non-Specified Chargers - Charging your phone from other than original charger can cause a lot of problem in battery's life as nowadays mostly quick charger comes and if you don't use original charger it can charge your phone very fast upto 70% but cause a lot of problem inside the battery as it does not gets managed.
  • Avoid Phone Overheating - Don't let your phone overheat a lot while doing big tasks that are not possible by your phone and which lets your phone overheat because overheating can damage the life of your battery as well.
  • Charge to Fullest to Lowest - Don't charge your phone every-time whenever it gets less than 100% but still more than 90%. Because charging too frequently can cause damage to your battery. So try to charge only when your phone gets battery empty around 5-10%.
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