Flexible Displays are now going to be reality in Mobile Phones

Wonder you all will be aware of this or not or wanted or not but flexible displays are soon going to be reality in your mobile phones or tablets which means you can even be bend your display in whatever direction you want and it will be surely good move by JDI.

JDI recently announced that it is developing FULL ACTIVE FLEX 5.5-inch Full-HD LCD display for smartphones. They will be using plastic substrate for both sides of the liquid crystal layer.

Company said, “The FULL ACTIVE FLEX it is easily possible to form curved shapes by utilizing its flexibility, and thus it will greatly help to expand the degrees of freedom in smartphone design. Also, by using plastic substrates instead of glass, it is possible to prevent cracking from occurring when the display is dropped,”

JDI FULL ACTIVE FLEX display specifications
  • Display size - 5.5-inch
  • Number of pixels -  1080(xRGB)×1920 Full-HD
  • Resolution density -  401ppi
  • LCD driving frequency -  60Hz/30Hz/15Hz
  • LCD mode -  Photo-Alignment IPS (IPS-NEOTM)
  • Surface - luminance 500cd/m2 (Typ.)
  • Contrast ratio - 1500:1 (Typ.)
These display will be scheduled to go into mass production in year 2018 which is not so far right away.

Also we might not need to wait so long as Samsung also had earlier stated that it will be bringing a flexible display foldable smartphone later this year only.
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