"Age of Apple is Over" Peter Thiel

"Don of the Paypal Mafia" Peter Thiel has said in the recent interview that he thinks the Age of Apple is Over.

Thiel passed this statement Q&A session called Confirm or Deny, a segment of the New York Times. Replying to the question of whether the age of Apple is over, Mr Thiel says “Confirm. We know what a smartphone looks like and does. It’s not the fault of Tim Cook, but it’s not an area where there will be any more innovation.”

Currently more than half revenue of Apple comes from sale of iPhones from last two years, but for the first time in last two decades the revenue of Apple falls due to fall in sale of iPhones in 2016.

But it seems to be too early to remark on this that whether Apple days are gone or not. But lets see in future and drop down comments of what you think of Apple's Age? Are they really gone?
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