Users Will be Able To Delete System Apps in MIUI 9

Most android phones that come with custom firmwares designed by the manufacturer usually come with apps you don’t need at all, or that you have a better alternative for. These apps, usually referred to as bloatware can sometimes be uninstalled completely or hidden. But what if the app you want to uninstall is a system app like the calendar or calculator or notes app? Uninstalling them, that’s even if you can, may cause your phone not to function properly. Xiaomi wants to put an end to that in MIUI 9.

According to MIUI Product Manager, Ma Ji who spoke at the Global Tech 2016 event, he said MIUI 9 will allow users uninstall system apps without them having to deal with issues cropping up due to the removal of such app(s). The benefit of this is that you can now have only your preferred apps on you phone. An example is if you prefer using Google Keep as a note taking app instead of the default notes app. You will be able to uninstall the notes app completely and have only Google Keep on your phone instead of having both apps even though you use only one of them.

Another piece of information revealed is that more Xiaomi apps will now be available for non-MIUI users. Xiaomi already has its calculator app available for all android phones and we should expect more to come following this announcement.

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