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#SpotTheCracker Players? Then this is the perfect place for all of you guys to get all your answers of the Questions coming on. So lets get started with the Questions with their perfect answers as well. Please keep refreshing the page every-time to get your answers before anyone else. The more you refresh the page the more you get chance of seeing the answer first. Like us on Facebook too. Comment below your answers too.

That's all for today guys from SRS Exclusives. Now you guys do by yourself in order to select the winner. Because there will be only top 12 Winners who get LeMax 2. So All the best to all of you participating in. Remember only top top 12 one's are gonna win, there is no any kind of lucky draw this time. At last thanks a lot See ya next time.

4:00 - Clue 1: Who says you cannot have a 'gala' time cleaning the floor
Answer : Gala Spin mop with easy wheels and bucket for magic 360 degree cleaning (with 2 refills)
Clue 2: She has two beautiful peacocks with pearls, above her shoulder
Answer : I Jewels White Gold Plated Peacock Shaped Pearl Dangle & Drop Earring for Women Em2251W

3:30 - Clue 1: [Note: All Questions of 3:30PM seems to be same as 3:00PM]
Answer :
Clue 2:
Answer :

3:00 - Clue 1: A yellow Superman for your finger
Answer : Yellow Chimes Titanium SUPERMAN Stylish Black Ring for Men and Boys
Clue 2: Bring home "The Creative Life" in 32 inches
Answer : TCL 81.28 cm(32 inches) L32D2900 HD Ready LED TV (Black)
Clue 3: Edwin Lutyen did not make me yet I took half his name. I lifted the weight of everything you took to school
Answer : Lutyen Polyester Green Lime School Bags (17 Litres) (Lutyens_197)

2:30 - Clue 1: "It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting."
Answer : The Alchemist
Clue 2: I am neither gold nor do I ring like my name suggests. My all black frame could complement any of your styles.
Answer : Yellow Chimes Titanium SUPERMAN Stylish Black Ring for Men and Boys

2:00 - Clue 1: Journey into the world of Hindu mythology. Penned by an Indian physician turned author.
Answer :
Clue 2: 6 yards of silk and cotton in red
Answer : Trendz Women's Cotton Silk Saree (TZ_Sanskruti_Red)

1:30 - Clue 1: A favorite travel companion in the colour of turmeric
Answer :
Clue 2: A hero for juniors
Answer :
Clue 3: What's always on the ground, asks for you to stand on it and never lies?
Answer :

1:00 - Clue 1: Hulk and a Disney hero came together to make me. Perfect for juniors
Answer :
Clue 2: A six yard beauty that works on two combinations -Blue+white, velvet+net
Answer :
Clue 3: With my strips, I keep a close check on sugar. My name has half of 'Accurate'
Answer : 

12:30 - Clue 1: Half of me is a Star and my burgundy body holds cool air
Answer : Kenstar NH163BBR-FDA Direct-cool Single-door Refrigerator
Clue 2: I am a shining diva made for your wrist
Answer : Daniel Klein Analog Blue Dial Women's Watch - DK10155-2

12:00 - Clue 1: Direct cooling from a single door. A part of my name is a flower that grows from bulbs.
Answer : Kenstar NH163BBR-FDA Direct-cool Single-Door Refrigerator
Clue 2: Slender, stylish and the colour of milk, my fabric got it's name from a french dressmaker.
Answer : Fresh@Fashion Women's Georgette 2 Piece Gown (fs1010_Blue & Cream_Free Size)

11:30 - Clue 1: "WEIGHTINESS BALANCING HUM" Rearrange this to form the four words of my name.
Answer : Omron HN-286 Digital Weight Scale
Clue 2: Up the mountain on a hero
Answer : Hero Sprint 20T Elite 6 Speed Junior Cycle, Boy's
Clue 3: I am powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor. The smarter ones will find me right at the start of where they are
Answer:  LeMax 2

11:00 - Clue 1: It's fashion for everyone in blue
Answer : Shining Diva Fashion Blue Platinum Plated & Crystal Kada Bangle For Women
Clue 2: I bring you sounds and images of distant worlds. In Korean my name means "Three Stars"
Answer : Samsung UA24K4100XL 59 cm (24 inches) HD Ready LED TV (Black)

10:30 - Clue 1: A nifty equipment that can be used for a quick facial sauna or even when you need to inhale some steam to get rid of the cold.
Answer : Facial Sauna, Vaporiser and Nose Steamer 3 in 1 Steam Inhaler
Clue 2: I have a stringed blue hollow body
Answer : Jixing JXNG 6 Strings Acoustic Guitars With Combo (Blue)

10:00 - Clue 1: A pristine image of Vinayaka hangs on her neck.
Answer : Meenaz Om Ganesha Ganpati Pendant, Locket Gold Plated Cz With Chain in God Pendant In American Diamond For Man & Women GP231
Clue 2: I am Pink, a hit with brides and come in a set of 3. Creation is my middle name.
Answer : Khodiyar Creation Women Faux Georgette Lehenga Choli (3306-Pink_Pink_Free Size)

9:30 -
Clue 1: Philip with an S. I can straighten the strands in no time.

Answer : Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener (Black)
Clue 2: My first name is heracles and the second Roadeo.
Answer : Hercules Roadeo A100 Vx 21 Speed Bicycle
Clue 3: A hero best suited for the mountains.

Answer : Hero Sprint 20T Elite 6 Speed Junior Cycle, Boy's

9:00 - Clue 1: I am a comfortable seat with no legs. Open me up for a sea of tiny balls.
Answer : Avs Bean Bags AVS339 Avs Mudda Chair Brown XXXL Empty

Clue 2: The meaning of my name is warrior. My white face reflects the time of day.
Answer : Fighter Analogue White Dial Watch for Men- FIGH_069
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  1. Please upload old answers like of that worshipped question

  2. Nice job!! Well done!! Keep uploading!!!

  3. WEIGHTINESS BALANCING HUM - Ans is - Omron digital weight scale HN28

  4. Fashion Women’s Georgette 2 Piece Gown ( fs1010_Blue & Cream _Free Size)

  5. Daniel Klein Analog Blue Dial Women's Watch - DK10155-2
    4.0 out of 5 stars (676)

  6. I am named "worshipped " and I guard time

    8 am question? What is the answer?

  7. Hero Disney 24T Hulk Single Speed Junior Cycle 16-inches (Green)

  8. Now Amazon is repeating the clues.....but they are no crackers with the products...!!!!

    1. hahaha Yup !!

      There are using this trick to raise traffic at there product pages and to get More Visitors !!

      I dont think they diclair Winner for this seems its a fake shit !!

  9. Can You Tell Us Yesterday's Answers...? Please I just want to recheck my answers.

  10. I couldn't find a single cracker from 1pm clues


  11. Trendz Women's Cotton Silk Saree (TZ_Sanskruti_Red

  12. 2:30
    Clue 2: I am neither gold nor do I ring like my name suggests. My all black frame could complement any of your styles.
    Answer : GB-201Blk

  13. Is there anyway we can check scores?

  14. Wishing you all good luck to become a proud owner of LeMax 2 for sure.