Mi Note 2 Official Teaser Poster Hidden Secret Revealed Original Mi Note 2

The Mi Note 2 is set to launch on the 25th of October after months of waiting and endless leaks. Xiaomi recently released an official teaser image of the launch showing Hong-Kong actor, Tony Leung (The Grandmaster) who is going to make an appearance at the event. Now some sources have said that image is cropped as the full image has Mr. Leung holding a phone said to be the Mi Note 2.

The full image has already been made available online and while its hard to confirm it is really the Mi Note 2, we want to believe it is. Because what other phone should he be posing with?

The Mi Note 2 will feature a 5.7” dual-curved AMOLED screen supplied by LG, a Snapdragon 821 chip, dual rear cameras, and an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner like the one present in the Xiaomi Mi 5s.

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