How to save/increase battery life in MIUI 8 Like a Pro

Do you still remember your first mobile phone? Mine was a basic phone with a keypad. The screen is tiny and there's no camera, no bluetooth or any main stream specs sport in smartphone now. It was fun composing your favourite ringtones "32f2 32#d2 32f2 8#d2 32#d2 32#d2 32f2 32g2 32f2 16.#d2 32-" , playing space impact and snake game. (By the way what was your highest score anyone remembered it yet?)

The technology is growing rapidly. What specs do we have in our smartphone nowadays? Almost every year the must have specs are changing and there's no trend for that. From Dual Camera, fast and powerful processor, fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, earphone jack and the list goes on. Even material used on smartphone changes from plastic, metal, glass and ceramic. However battery does not seem to grow very fast. It's extremely difficult to house a huge battery in a limited space especially in 5 inches smartphone. Almost certainly if we use today battery technology to make a battery as thick and wide as a 2006 phone, you would have pretty great battery life.

Usually, a phone lasts a full work day with moderate use. If you use it heavily, of course you'll need to charge it more often. We have limitation in term of hardware but we can prolong our battery life with few tips. In this series, we are going to talk about how to conserve your smartphone battery with MIUI 8.

Do comment below the best tip you liked for sure.

1. Turn off notification push from rarely used apps

Getting real-time updates of what's going on in your apps is handy for things like email or social networks, but many apps automatically demand permission to send notifications as well for reasons that are much less useful. When notifications are pushed from the app, then your screen will be light up. That is what smartphone does to notify you. We know that screen consumes most of the battery, therefore as the frequency of the screen light up increases then your battery will decreases.

You can manage your app notification at settings---> Notification and status bar---> App preferences. Choose and set important push message such as whatsapp, wechat are enabled and disable other apps which you don't use often. It's advisable to uninstall apps you rarely use too to save your battery life and phone storage.

2. Turn off GPS

GPS is another battery juice drainer besides screen. I'm sure for those who play Pokemon Go and use GPS as navigation probably noticed this scenario. Remember to turn it off when you're not using it. You can see which apps recently requested your location in Security--> Permission---> Get Location Info. Besides that, you can choose “Battery saving” (Use WLAN and mobile networks to determine your location) over “High accuracy” (where GPS is also used).

3. Enable battery saver in Security app

In MIUI 8, we have revamped Security app. It's not about the interface but lots of useful features were added into it. Check out the screenshot attached above, you will see X battery issues found if there're apps running or consuming excessive power in the background. Tap on optimize to solve the problem within seconds. You can also turn on battery saver mode or scheduled time to turn on battery saver mode automatically.

In App Battery Saver, you can customize the background activity of apps. The recommended and default setting is MIUI Battery saver which identify apps and keep important processes going. In this mode, battery saver will treat important apps selectively. Some MIUI-ers complained that they've missed out lots of important messages from messaging apps such as Whatsapp, QQ, Wechat and Telegram. To solve this problem , you can turn off battery saver for those apps and lock them in the memory

4. Adjust Your Screen's Brightness

“Automatic Brightness” is turned on by default which allow the phone to adapt the display based on the surrounding based on the light sensor. Personally i prefer constant brightness and you can access them in Settings--> Display---> Brightness level. Do you prefer automatic brightness or manual like me?

5. Turn off vibration on press

I will look you, i will find you and i will off you ! This is the first setting i will turn off whenever i flash or updated my device to a new ROM. I don't like vibration followed by every single action. Lets imagine you're chatting with friends, a single word "hello' resulting 5 vibrations. Just turn it off since it's really annoying and battery consuming :P

6. WiFi settings

Enable your WiFi only when you need it, don't let the WiFI turned on for 24/7 as it will scan for WiFI in the background which consume your battery. You can access more settings under Advanced settings--> Turn off scanning always available too.

7. Turn off Sync

Auto-Sync can be useful for apps like email that connect frequently to servers to update your mail. But it can also be a battery draining nightmare. You can turn in off in Settings-->Sync.

8. Turn off excessive vibration

When the notification is pushed, your screen will be light up as explained earlier followed by vibration. You can turn it off in Settings--> Notification and status bar---> App notification--> Choose only apps you want them to vibrate.

9. Turn off auto update

You can turn off auto update in Mi App Store or Google Playstore. Those apps will be running in the background and constantly connecting to server and check for latest update.

10. Shorten screen timeout time

You can save a little bit of battery power by decreasing the length of time your phone remains idle before its display automatically goes dark. Head towards Settings---> Lock screen and password---> Sleep and choose the time you prefer

11. Use static wallpaper instead of live wallpaper

Using live wallpapers is certainly fun but it also kill your battery silently. MIUI has lots of beautiful themes and wallpapers in themes store, i would prefer an ordinary and static wallpaper. You can also turn on wallpaper carousel that changes your daily lock screen daily with stunning HD photos. Set the update frequency based on your need, mine is once a day.

12. Keep your phone updated

MIUI is our very own user interface based on Android that is loved by millions worldwide. MIUI is constantly updated and we have China/Global Developer ROM which generally updated weekly include bug fixes and tweaks that improve your device performance while China/ Global Stable ROM which gets updated monthly. Make sure you are using latest ROM to enjoy latest features, please don't hesitate to file a bug report on our forum if you found any issue. Together we make MIUI a better ROM :)

13. Turn on Airplane Mode in low signal areas

Smartphones consume more power when trying to connect and searching for signals in low signal area. If you can't get a good signal in that particular place, remember to turn on Airplane Mode by swiping down the toggle and tap the Airplane symbol.

You can also set your preferred network to 2G when you're not using mobile data instead of 4G which drains battery drastically
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