MIUI Updater Queries: How to Get MIUI Updates? Why Can't I Get the Latest Updates?

Nowaday's MIUI UI is getting a lot of popularity among all the android users. Because it almost give all the features at users ease. So in this post we will talk a bit of MIUI updates. So what is the update for? How many types of updates available? How and who can get the updates? I'll clarify those questions below.

Different types of ROM updates:MIUI rom updates have various types. Let's see what are those types.
-MIUI Alpha
-MIUI Nightly or Beta
-MIUI Developer or Stable

MIUI Alpha:MIUI Alpha is pre release rom testing. It will release updates daily. This rom will get new features updates first. It may contains critical issues too. This updates are released from Monday to Friday.

MIUI Nightly or Beta:It gets update from Monday to Thursday and the updates will be available to use for only particular set of people. Some nightly updates will be released to particular people before it goes to public for the testing purpose. Nightly is test rom.

MIUI Developer or Stable:MIUI Developer or Stable ROM updates are open for public use. Developer rom updates are released weekly once and stable rom updates are released once in three months. Anyone can get this rom update.

Flashing Guide:General fastboot method:
http://en.miui.com/a-234.html(Bootloader must be unlocked)

Question: How to get the MIUI updates?Answer:
MIUI Alpha:Flash the MIUI Alpha rom in your device and sign in into your MI Account App. The update will be released daily if you have Alpha permission. Only who have Alpha permission will get the regular MIUI OTA updates.
Supported Devices:
MI 2, MI 3/4, MI Note and MI Pad 1

MIUI Nightly:Flash the MIUI Developer rom in your device and sign in into your MI Account App. The nightly updates will be released regularly if you have the beta permission. Only who have special permission will get MIUI Beta updates.

MIUI Developer:Flash the MIUI Developer in your device. The updates will be released once in a week.

MIUI Stable:Flash the MIUI Stable rom in your device. The updates will be released once in three months and sometimes the surprise updates will be released to solve critical issues.

Question: What is MIUI China ROM and MIUI Global ROM?Answer:
MIUI China ROM:Its specially developed for the Chinese people. This rom will not have pre-installed Google Apps and services. The language is limited with Chinese and English. However this rom has separate app market and unique features.

MIUI Global ROM:Its specially developed for the worldwide users. It comes with pre-installed Google apps and services. It has many language support and it also has some unique features. This rom is analysed and verified by Google.

Question: Will I get the update for MIUI Stable ROM if my device is on MIUI Developer ROM?Answer:
No, you will get update for only the rom you have flashed in your device. You will not get MIUI Stable ROM update in the MIUI Developer ROM and the same you will not get MIUI Developer ROM updates in the MIUI Stable ROM.

Question: Why the released updates are disappeared from the updater?Answer:
The updates will be revoked if the MIUI Developer team found any critical/serious issues. If the update is revoked then it will not appear in the MIUI Updater.

Do you have any other queries related to the updates? Ask in the reply, I'll try to answer it.

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