Feeling blue? Apple’s rumored space gray-replacing iPhone 7 color might cheer you up

It’s time to relinquish hope of seeing a radically redesigned new iPhone released this year, although the 7 and7 Plus should definitely carve their own aesthetic path, with a dual rear camera and Smart Connector on the latter, fresh antenna band approach, and no headphone jack, among others.

Meanwhile, after the successful 2015 introduction of a snazzy rose gold paint job, the iPhone family is rumored to be tweaking its chromatics again in a couple of months. This time, a venerable shade must go, making room for “deep blue” alongside the pinkish hue, silver, and gold.

It’s bye-bye, space gray, according to “reliable information from a Chinese supplier” relayed by Japanese blogMacotakara. It goes without saying the report has to be tackled with moderate skepticism, despite the publication’s relatively solid track record, though in fairness, space gray and silver have always felt a little too similar.

The former made its iDebut on the iPhone 5s, effectively replacing the black/slate coat of paint on the 5, which begs the question why wouldn’t an elegant, mysterious all-black color scheme enter the gray-eliminating iPhone 7 equation instead of funky blue? Well, it’s not over until Tim Cook sings the “one more thing” tune.
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