Xiaomi Is Bringing Humming-based Music Recognition to MIUI

Music recognition apps aren’t anything new. Apps and services like Sound Hound and Shazam have been around for a while now. These apps are capable of recognizing a song that is either playing through the radio or another device or through a person’s own humming. And it looks like Xiaomi thinks music recognition technology is a feature that the company’s MIUI operating system needs built into it.
Xiaomi has partnered with a Beijing-based company called ACRCloud to integrate their Automatic Content Recognition technology into Xiaomi’s smartphones via MIUI. The technology will be programmed into the default Mi Music app of MIUI and will be able to recognize song and tracks much like the services we’ve previously mentioned.
Xiaomi has already begun to roll out the new technology to a few thousand beta testers and plans to release it to all of its users sometime in March. The company did not mentioned if the new feature will work on every one of Xiaomi’s devices or if only newer device will be able to use the new technology.
“ACRCloud provides an excellent music humming recognition solution for Mi Music. ACRCloud’s state of the art audio recognition technologies tremendously simplify the music searching process in Mi Music and noticeably improve the user experiences,” said Li Shen, the Product Manager of Mi Music. That is pretty much it. It is important to remember that this feature is available only if you have MIUI installed on your Xiaomi device, it won’t be available if you’ve flashed something else on it. This is kind of understandable, but worth mentioning nonetheless. If this beta test goes according to plan, Xiaomi will roll out the service to everyone next month, stay tuned.
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