LG G5 fan render video attempts to give us a 3D look at upcoming flagship

Of all the upcoming big smartphone flagship launches, both those we’re expecting for MWC and those that might land in the weeks thereafter, few models have leaked to nearly the extent the LG G5 has. Fromschematics, to renders, to images of actual hardware, we’ve had ample opportunity to get an early look at this phone, and while there are plenty of details we’re still hoping to see confirmed, by this point we’ve got a pretty strong sense of how the handset’s coming together. Maybe the one thing we’ve been missing throughout all this is some nice hands-on video footage of the G5, giving us a preview of the phone from multiple angles. Mind you, this isn’t any official source, but one illustrator has taken a survey at all those leaks that have surfaced to date and put together a little video taste of how the LG G5 might end up looking.
Admittedly, some of what we get here doesn’t look quite right: the phone’s rear fingerprint scanner comes off as a bit odd in its depiction here, as does the main camera’s flash/laser assist unit.
We also get no sense of that rumored Magic Slot accessory port, nor a bottom cover that detaches to accept a slide-in battery. Considering the very limited visual evidence that’s attempted to depict those facets of the phone thus far, that may simply be a choice made by this animator to stick to the less controversial aspects of existing leaks.
Compared to the similar leak-based 3D render we checked out earlier today, this one’s a lot more polished, and you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for a finished handset. But for as nice as it looks, is this how the G5 will actually launch? We’d wager “not quite,” but we do seem to be in the right ballpark here. What do you think? Would you pick up a G5 rocking this design?
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