LG G5 case design supports growing body of evidence in favor of side-mounted volume buttons

Can you remember an LG G-series phone that didn’t use the company’s iconic rear-volume-button design? We have it on the G4, we had it with the G3, and we even had it with the G2, all the way back in 2013; really, if you want a G-series flagship with traditional side-edge volume buttons, you have to look back to the old Optimus G, before we had this new naming scheme at all. But now for the upcoming G5, it looks like LG is breaking from habit and going back to the old way of doing things – despite some early signs suggesting that the G5’s rear-button scheme would continue with the pattern, subsequent leaks have provided a growing body of evidence in favor of LG dropping those rear volume buttons and keeping only the single power button (now with fingerprint scanner). The latest piece of the puzzle only adds more support to this no-more-rear-volume theory, showing a G5 that matches the most recent leaks from other sources.
The ArmourDillo case design depicted here indeed shows a handset with a rear power button, but lacking the volume controls that we’d otherwise expect to see flanking it above and below. In some respects, it’s a design ripped right from LG’s own Nexus 5X.
The big difference there, at least, is in terms of the phone’s camera, and this design shows the same three-way layout that’s been prominent across G5 leaks – both those with rear volume buttons and without. Once again, we see a pair of two distinct lenses grouped around a central LED flash.
We know, this may just be a case-maker working off the same G5 leaks we’ve been seeing so much lately – so of course it would be a good match for those. But maybe it’s based on the company’s own sources that just happen to be in alignment with those publications – and it all forms a growing body of support for this radical design shift.
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